The villa

Design and architecture

Design & Vila Bea : « the Moroccan pop »

More than a century ago some artists and craftsmen in Europe and US have put their passion of the art object in the service of each of us, thanks to a standardized production.

Beautiful and useful objects, addressed to the general public and private individuals to live a “more beautiful” everyday life.

These are objects that we have wished to blend with the extraordinary Moroccan handicraft. To create Moroccan pop. Design from the sixties in a Moroccan way, Moroccan materials with pop colors. We have collected these objects all around Europe, in France, in Netherlands, in Germany over the course of fairs and bric-a-brac shops. Armchairs by Pierre Paulin, because they are comfy and funny, lamps by Verner Panton and Mattiolo because the white colour is glorified by these round and chubby shapes, pieces by the Dutch Artifort, strong and elegant.

Moroccan garden furniture by Mategot, large sofas by De Sede, all the quality of Swiss leather blended with the purest outlines of the sixties. Olivier Mourgue, Vico Magistretti, Joe Colombo, Castelli... Some authentic chairs and tables inspired by Saarinen.

Strong and beautiful objects in the rooms, the lounges and the patios. Moroccan objects of course, created in the best workshops of Marrakech with resin and walnut tree wood, and the last Cinna collection which reinterpret rightly the East, comfort and colors with its Ottoman range.

Circles, squares, circles into squares, and colour through thousands of cement tiles with drawings influenced by Verner Panton, invented and designed by Beatrice, shaped by Myrtille and made by the famous craftsman Taiki from Sidi Kacem.

A lot of blue varieties, from sea and sky of Morocco, and also red, orange, yellow… A unique scenery, the perfect union of the most Moroccan materials and colours and pop patterns imagined so that each ground, each patio, each wall be magic.


Vila with a single « l » as in Brazilian because the Vila Bea project has been devised by Beatrice and Stéphane on a beach of the Northeast region of Brazil, in the Jericoacoara village. A project of charming hotel in order to receive on the beach family and friends, guests and mates, couples, large reconstituted tribes, and management teams looking for maritime beauties and warm hospitality.

But Brazil did not want to welcome them...
Then Madam Catherine and her friends from Moulay Bousselham extoled them their passion of Morroco, so warm and benevolent. The charm of this magnificent site convinced them more deeply.

Vila Bea could have never been achieved without Madam Catherine and without the obstinacy and the passion of Beatrice and Stephane to create in Moulay Bousselham a place even more magic and generous than any Brazilian dream…

Relaxation and leisure

Within the villa, you will enjoy all its assets to have fun and relax :

  • Heated and infinity pool.
  • Private access to the beach
  • Patios: one on the roof with a fantastic view on the sea and the beach.
  • Spa : hammam, fitness, massage
  • Lounges (TV room, video room…)
  • Library and video library.
  • Board games
  • Sunsets: the villa is in front of the ocean, facing due west